Job Hunting

Obviously being on a working visa, the idea is to work. Myself and Erin have been quite content not working over the last couple of weeks. But we’re both starting to look at jobs, the thought of working has become far more exciting in the last few days. Its a great way to meet people, and obviously earn money to fund your travels.

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What To Pack

This is a big question. What do I pack?!

Now obviously it depends upon where you’re going and how long you’re going for. But it was something I probably didn’t think enough about. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Research all the seasons of the country you are going to, look at the current weather and what the weather will be like when you plan to arrive.

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Bank Set Up

I used Visa Bureau (Australia) to set up my bank account – they set me up with Westpac and the only thing I had to do was take my passport to any Westpac branch upon arriving in Australia. I then received my card in the post a few days later. Once I received my card I had to register it online and that was it – all set to go. Thank you Visa Bureau for making it super easy!

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