Week 8 brings me employment! Erin and I have been writing for Millennials Making Money, which has been super fun. Their launch was this week, so it was exciting to see our articles published. However, more excitingly I am now part of the Empire Squad. I met Jared through Instagram (got to love the power of social media), and this week we met at Nutrition Station Wodonga to get me fully set up and part of the team.

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As week 7 began we were amazed at how quickly the weeks seem to be passing by. But, at the same time, it feels like we’ve been here forever and its only week 7! We decided to start the week with a bit of productivity. We spent a couple of days blogging and article writing, and advertising the launch of the new website we are writing for (millennialsmakingmoney.com).Β  Continue reading “Week 7 – HUSKIES & HILLS”