The only plan myself and Erin had, prior to coming to Australia, was to make it to Sydney for christmas and new year. And we have managed that! We now realise that we require a new plan, but we’re pretty happy we managed to get to Sydney and have a pretty epic Christmas period planned.

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Its been a while since my last post because IVE BEEN IN NEW ZEALAND! Ive been on an awesome Lord of The Rings Red Carpet Tour for the last couple of weeks. Prior to that I had lots of busy days in Sydney.

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After 10 weeks in Wodonga, its time to move to Sydney. Erin has already made her way up early to start the next house sit. We have house in the Sydney Hills District. A house with a pool and a car to drive. As mentioned before – we are fake backpackers! As well as the cool house we will be looking after a boxer dog cross called Poppy. She is a rescue pup so it will be interesting to go from outgoing crazy doggies like Lilo and Stitch and Layla and Jake to a dog that may be a bit more reserved.

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