So its the first day of Red Carpet Tours and we are off to Hobbiton. The excitement is just too much. Its quite a drive to Hobbiton from our hotel, so there is plenty of time for the excitement and anticipation to build. We then start to see green rolling hills filling the windows of the coach, and then hobbit music comes on. It was great, and Aisling and I looked at each other, with no words, just bobbing up and down in our seats making strange squealing noises. Red Carpet Tours do a fantastic job of making these trips extra special and memorable. Its little touches like the music that really make it what it is. Which is AMAZING. We pulled up to the Hobbiton car park and our day began.

We all piled off the coach, we couldn’t get off quick enough. Once off the coach, we met our guide for the day and the tour began. Β Its quite a busy place, and theres lots of groups walking around, which takes away from the experience a little. But, none the less – its still incredible. Sun cream and water is a must, oh and a camera of course.


If you’re a fan of The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit, then a visit to Hobbiton would complete you! Its hard to explain how incredible it is. Our awesome Red Carpet Tour guide, Julie, had brought props. Perfect for pictures and geeking out, again another little touch that really adds to the experience.

There were some really epic views from Bag End, and so many photo opportunities. If you’re a photographer then this place should most definitely be on your list of places to visit. New Zealand in general should be visited by anyone with a love for incredible views. After our tour around all of the hobbit holes, Bilbos famous hole in the ground and the party tent, we headed to The Green Dragon for a drink before we had lunch. Β We crossed the bridge, the watermill and the little lake before getting to The Green Dragon.

We walked into The Green Dragon and the fire was on, it felt so homely and inviting. We sat, dressed as hobbits, with our pints – Yes, it comes in pints! I could have stayed there forever (although it was a bit warm to be having a fire). I still look back and get all excited that I was sat in The Green Dragon dressed as a Hobbit! Its so cool.

After The Green Dragon we had lunch in an equally as cool marquee set up outside. It is possible to do day tours to Hobbiton, and even a night tour. But if its something you’d like to do, then do yourself a huge favour and book a tour with Red Carpet Tours NZ. If you want to do Hobbiton then you’ll want to do everything else they do on their tour!

We were so sad to eave Hobbiton, but we had the best morning and it was the perfect start to an incredible couple of weeks. Id do it all again in a heartbeat.



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