After visiting Trollshaw Forest in the morning, we headed off to Mordor. Along the way we had our pre packed lunches from the Fat Pigeon Cafe – yummy food organised by Red Carpet Tours.

So in 2 days we had gone from Auckland to Rotorua (with a stop in Hobbiton), Rotorua to Piopio (stopping at Trollshaw Forest) and Piopio to Ohakune (stoping at Mordor and Mt. Doom). This busy theme continues for the entirety of the tour, and we get to see a number of incredible locations and cover masses of ground in the time we have.

As we get closer and closer to our next movie location, Mordor, the scenes that unfold around us were mesmerising! We could see Mount Doom (Mt. Ruapehu) in the distance and immediately began to get excited that we would be stepping foot on the land that was the filming location for Mordor.

Obviously our incredible guide Julie had brought her trusty props bag. This meant we could geek out in true style and reenact some of the scenes from The Lord of The Rings.

This tour really is special, as I’ve mentioned before, there are varying levels of fandom on the tour, but everyone is still in awe of the places we visit. The locations themselves are breath taking, and different to what you may see if on a general tour.

The locationsΒ have a more personal feel, as they’re not jam packed with other people. They feel like secret locations, and provide some amazing photo opportunities and incredible memory making. Id never change the tour I chose to go with. The fact it is a Lord of The Rings tour makes it even more brilliant. But there really are no words for how beautiful, scenic and even peaceful New Zealand is. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Theres also no words that can really describe how brilliant Red Carpet Tours are. It was Day 2 of the tour and already it had fulfilled the ‘trip of a lifetime’ label. The fact that it was only Day 2 was amazing, it meant there were still days to come and our time in New Zealand had only just started.

New Zealand is a must visit place. Ive already started planning to go back, and its without a doubt one of my favourite places. On the Red Carpet Tour we did both the North and South Islands, and saw some truly amazing things! I will honestly never forget a single moment of the tour.

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After our venture through Mordor, we headed to The Powderhorn Chateau! This is where the stars of the movies stayed when filming. Aisling and I landed Pippins (Billy Boyd) room. Very fitting for us, as we basically are Merry and Pippin! The hotel itself was brilliant. Had a ski resort vibe to it (I’m guessing its a good place to stay if your skiing Mt. Ruapehu). We had a pre-ordered meal that evening, which was yummy! As we left the Powderkeg Restaurant we noticed a large blackboard with a list of Golden Rules, one of these Golden Rules would be put into effect the next morning.


The nights stay was a good nights sleep, in spacious and well decorated rooms. The morning before we left to start day 3 of the tour, we took heed of the Golden Rules and danced on the big table in the Powderkeg Restaurant and sang the song the Hobbits sing when dancing on the tables in the Green Dragon, back in Hobbiton. We also got to see the guest book, singed by various actors from The Lord of The Rings, and other movies. And a signed shirt. Its these little touches that make Red Carpet Tours a cut above the rest, and made for a real trip of a lifetime. Day 3 would see us venturing to Wellington, with stops at the secret entrance to Erebor and Gollums Fishing Pool!

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