Being in Sydney, we had to do Bondi Beach. Its like a right of passage. And it was worth it, its a nice beach. But is very busy – its a classic backpacker place, so has a good vibe and is great fun. However, if you’re looking for a peaceful beach to chill and read a book, I wouldn’t go to Bondi.

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Even before arriving in Sydney, Erin and I had said we should go to Taronga Zoo. Its pretty reasonably priced – although on a backpacker budget it may seem a little steep. It is definitely an average price for a zoo in Australia, in fact, it was on the cheaper side compared to some. For a single adult it was around $40 and its cheaper to book online, only by Β£2 but if you’re a backpacker think of all the 2 minute noodles you can buy with that $2!

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Quite a while back, whilst in Wodonga, Erin and I booked tickets to see ‘The Great Opera Hits’ at the Sydney Opera House on Boxing Day. It all seemed like an amazing plan and very very exciting, we even ordered expensive dresses for the occasion (keeping on form with being rubbish backpackers).

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